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Quick Guide to Fundraising Content with AI (3 free AI tools included)

In partnership with Annual Fund Toolkit, we’ve developed a collection of AI tools to help you start writing fundraising content that follows the principles of the Donor Participation Project:

  • Engagement leads to giving
  • Donors who feel valued and seen will keep giving year after year
  • Co-creation leads to higher investment and larger gifts

The recommended process is that you use our tools below in this precise order:

  1. Fundraising AI Coach to discuss your strategy. Who should you be contacting? When should you contact them and what sequence and frequency should you use? How should you communicate the giving opportunity? (i.e. what is the offer?)
  2. Your Fundraising AI BFF to generate the content. This tool uses the most advanced GPT-4 model to write content that is surprisingly good.
  3. The AI Editor to review the content. We trained this model using science-based fundraising principles. It will look at your content, give you suggestions for improvement, and then rewrite it!

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We hope these tools helps you!