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Culture and Values of the Donor Participation Project

Here are our guiding values. We expect everybody who joins our community to follow them and to help enforce them.

  • We welcome multiple viewpoints. 
  • Diverse teams win. We believe in diversity as a way to generate better ideas and avoid bad ones.
  • Challenge but with care. We encourage members to find ways to respectfully challenge others and be open to challenges of your own views. 

We want the DPP to be an inclusive home for all fundraising professionals. Ideas to make our organizations more participatory are most likely going to come from new voices: the inexperienced coordinator who wonders why things are done a certain way or the small nonprofit fundraiser who needs to be extra creative. We do not attribute the highest value to the largest nonprofit nor amount of dollars raised.

  • Feedback should be additive. The default position should be “yes, and…”
  • Add your voice to the conversation, don’t pull anyone else’s down
  • Take space, make space. Share speaking time and try to speak after others who have not spoken
  • Feedback should be based on data
  • First, provide value in the community

The DPP community includes consultants and other private companies that serve the nonprofit community. Networking and sharing of outside projects, plans, or presentations is encouraged but must be preceded by contributing to the community. DPP is a place to support and facilitate conversation and idea sharing among fundraising professionals, NOT to sell or market our own services or causes.


Not OK: “I don’t like this idea.”

OK: “In my experience/according to a study I read, …

Not OK: “Hey, I’m doing a presentation on ‘How to Sell Widgets to Fundraisers.’ Sign up here. Right NOW.

OK: “I’m doing a presentation on ‘How to Sell Widgets to Fundraisers.’ I think folks in this group will be interested because we’re talking about something similar to our last Lunch Analysis session. We’ll be covering A, B, and C. I hope some of you can join us to support the cause!”

Not OK: “I am a WORLD CLASS expert and would love to answer your question, please click on my Calendly link to schedule a call.”