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Let’s Fix Donor Retention

In 2 weeks or less, go from zero to extraordinary stewardship for ALL your donors.

Set up a donor welcome series that runs without you having to do any more work, or hire additional staff

Have peace of mind knowing that every donor will consistently receive great stewardship

Build engagement and deepen relationships with donors that lead to repeat and increased gifts

A DPP member will work with you to write, implement, and roll out a donor welcome series to connect and delight your donors.

Transparent & accessible

We charge a flat fee on a sliding scale from $500-$1,500, depending on your nonprofit’s size.

Sounds good, but…

Will it work with our tech/CRM?

We can set up a welcome series with most CRMs and giving forms.

  • Easiest: Salesforce, Blackbaud RE NXT, Virtuous, FundraiseUp, GiveButter, anything with an API
  • Some manual work: Ellucian CRM Advance, Anthology (iModules)
  • Other systems: Ask!

I’m worried about sending automated messages to our donors.

The automation puts each email into the drafts folder of a person of your choice. This way, you can review each email before sending it.

I’m worried about email deliverability. Won’t these emails get stuck in spam filters?

Your donor welcome emails come from a specific person in your organization. They often get replies from the donors, which improves your deliverability. It’s truly a win-win.

I have more questions…

Why would we ever do this a different way?


❌ Impersonal gift receipt

❌ Acknowledgements arrive late (or never)

❌ Thank you messages are the end of the relationship


✔ Three heartfelt thank you messages

✔ Always on-time

✔ The gift starts a relationship that leads to retention and more donations