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AI for Good: AI for Fundraisers

Artificial intelligence has been promising to transform fundraising for years. According to fundraising tech visionary Cherian Koshy, that promise is now reality. Koshy shared in a recent podcast how AI-powered tools can enhance nonprofit fundraising in exciting new ways.

First, AI makes analytics and data insights more accessible.

Tools like Akyo allow you to query your data through natural language and get instant answers. Instead of complicated SQL queries and expensive business intelligence platforms, fundraisers of any skill level can simply ask a question about their data and get a response. AI summarizes key data points, identifies trends, and uncovers new insights to inform strategy.

Second, AI generates customized content at scale.

Using a tool like ChatGPT, fundraisers can automatically produce fundraising appeals, social media content, newsletters, and thank you letters personalized for different donor segments. While the results still need human editing, AI gets you 90% of the way there. This allows small nonprofits to keep churning out relationship-building content that would otherwise be unrealistic given limited resources.

However, Koshy cautions that AI should augment human fundraisers, not replace them. “AI will never be able to sit in front of someone and have authentic conversations,” he says. “It won’t be able to build real relationships.” The human touch is still crucial for securing donations and stewarding meaningful donor connections. AI simply helps free up capacity so fundraisers can focus on that human-centered work.

In summary, AI-powered tools are enabling nonprofits to work smarter and faster. Access to data insights, customized content, and time-saving automation provide new opportunities for organizations of all sizes to strengthen their fundraising. While fundraising will always require the human touch, AI is helping ensure that human touch can reach more people— and make a bigger impact. The AI revolution is here, and it’s allowing fundraisers to focus on what matters most: the relationships that inspire giving.

View the full recording of this session in our Resource Library.

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