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AI Fundraising Tools: What They Are and How to Use Them 

Artificial intelligence or AI is transforming many areas of nonprofit fundraising. There are now useful AI tools that can help with donor engagement, content creation, and more. In this article, we explore three AI fundraising tools in depth and provide tips for using them in your organization.

You can find all three tools at

The first tool is an AI fundraising coach or chatbot.

This chatbot acts as a virtual mentor, answering questions about fundraising strategies and challenges. For example, you can ask how to reactivate lapsed major donors or address board concerns about sharing prospects. The chatbot will respond with tailored advice and action steps. To use this tool, think of issues you want to discuss and questions you have for an expert fundraising coach. Be open to follow-up questions from the chatbot to provide more context. Then, review and implement the suggestions that resonate most.

A second tool generates fundraising content like appeal letters, case statements, or social media posts.

You input information about your campaign or project and the content you need. The AI reviews your guidance and nonprofit details you provide to produce a draft. For the best results, offer plenty of background on your organization and campaign. Be ready to edit the draft, but you’ll have a good starting point to build upon. 

The final tool helps you improve an existing fundraising appeal or other content by providing feedback and edits.

Just input or paste your draft content, and the AI will suggest how to strengthen and optimize it based on best practices. Look for comments on how to enhance your content’s structure, flow, and persuasive elements. Not all feedback will apply, so use your judgment to accept or reject specific suggestions.

AI fundraising tools can save time and support your work. But they are not perfect replacements for human fundraising expertise and judgment.

See them as assistants to help generate ideas, get started with a draft, or improve your existing content. With regular use and input, these tools can become even more tailored to your needs. But always trust your experience and knowledge of your donors to determine the best path forward.  

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