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Donor Participation Project

Chatbots and Content Generators: New Tools for Busy Fundraisers

Fundraisers today are busier than ever, with growing demands on their time and larger donor pools to cultivate. However, new AI tools are emerging that can help. Chatbots and content generators leverage machine learning to help with common fundraising tasks like donor engagement and copywriting.

The Donor Participation Project recently demonstrated some AI tools they created to help nonprofits. One tool is a chatbot “fundraising coach” that can suggest strategies for reactivating lapsed donors or overcoming board resistance to prospect sharing. You describe a scenario, and the bot provides a step-by-step plan of action, including advice like scheduling personal meetings, taking responsibility for mistakes, sharing corrective actions the nonprofit is taking, and highlighting other ways donors can engage. The bot is programmed with principles like “engagement leads to philanthropy” and “co-creating outcomes with donors increases the amount raised.”

Another useful AI tool is a content generator, like The Best Fundraiser’s Friend. You input information about your fundraising project or appeal, choose the type of content you need (like a donor letter), select a persuasive writing framework, and the tool crafts customized copy for you. Adding background on your nonprofit’s mission and programs helps the AI generate even better results. These tools can save time and provide a starting point for your appeals and outreach, though you still need to review and edit the AI’s suggestions. 

While AI will not replace fundraisers, it can make them more efficient and effective.  With chatbots and content generators, fundraisers can focus on building personal relationships and strategy rather than repetitive administrative tasks. These tools are still limited, but they are constantly improving and adapting based on interactions. Fundraisers should start experimenting with AI to see how it can best support their work and take their fundraising to the next level. The future of AI in the sector looks bright, as long as we’re thoughtful and strategic about how we integrate these new technologies into our nonprofit programs and fundraising efforts.

View the full recording of this session in our Resource Library.

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