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Fundraising in the Gaming World: How to Get Started

The gaming industry is massive and growing, with an estimated 2.7 billion gamers worldwide. For nonprofits, this presents an opportunity to tap into new audiences and fundraising channels. However, entering the world of gaming philanthropy requires an understanding of the culture and tools to authentically build community.

First, do your research.

The gaming community is diverse, including mobile gamers, PC gamers, console gamers, and esports fans. Learn about the popular games, streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube Gaming, and gaming influencers. This will help you determine if gaming philanthropy aligns with your mission and audience. If so, develop a 3-5 year plan to pilot a program.

Build your team.

You’ll need people to manage community engagement, recruit influencers, handle logistics and technology, and more. While you can start small, understaffing the program will limit your success. Consider partnering with consultants and volunteers from the gaming community.

Define your voice and brand.

Decide how you will position yourself to authentically appeal to gamers. You may want to create a separate brand and tone for your gaming philanthropy program. Be genuine by understanding causes gamers care about, like supporting children’s charities or mental health initiatives.

Recruit influencers

like streamers, who broadcast live gameplay and commentary to engage their followers. Do research to find influencers that match your values. Reach out personally to share your mission and invite them to participate. Be prepared to provide them resources to fundraise on your behalf. Thank and highlight them prominently to build goodwill.

Promote your program

through gaming platforms and influencer channels. Engage with followers by participating in livestreams. Be responsive and build trust to gain their support.

While gaining traction may take years, gaming philanthropy has the potential for dedicated, long-term relationships. Follow these steps to start fundraising in the gaming world.

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