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Donor Participation Project

Learn How to Engage Your Community with Discord and Streaming

Live streaming and platforms like Discord are powerful ways for nonprofits to engage their communities in real time. By broadcasting live gameplay or hosting discussions on Discord, you can connect directly with your supporters and raise funds through an interactive experience.

Discord is a free chat app that allows you to create different text and voice channels for your community. Nonprofits like Make-A-Wish International use Discord to bring their supporters together, answer questions, and share updates.

You can set up moderators, security groups, and automated bots to keep the conversation productive. Discord works on both desktop and mobile, so your community can connect from anywhere.

Streaming live video on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms is an exciting way to engage donors and raise money. Streamers play games while their viewers comment, vote on incentives, and make donations. Viewers feel personally invested in the experience and motivated to give generously to meet fundraising goals or unlock rewards and challenges.

Before you get started, spend time learning the gaming culture and platforms. Watch other charity streams to see creative ideas in action. Then pick a live streaming tool like Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) or Streamlabs to manage your webcam, overlays, transitions and more. You’ll want to register your nonprofit for tools like Tiltify and DonorDrive, which offer extensions and integrations to help streamers fundraise for you.

An example helps illustrate this concept.

The charity Child’s Play held an auction where viewers could bid on incentives for the streamer, like changing games or switching levels. Bidding took place live while viewers watched and chatted on the charity’s Discord channel. This fun, social experience led to over $42,000 raised in one year.

With the right tools and strategy, Discord and live streaming can be game-changing for your fundraising. Connecting directly with donors in real time leads to meaningful interactions, inspires more giving, and helps build a loyal community of supporters. Give these platforms a try and see how engaging your community through an exciting live experience can benefit your mission.

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