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Advocating for additional team members


Advocating for additional team members

have any of you been successful in advocating for a dedicated database/advancement services person for your very small shop?  We currently do not have one and I am building a case for a FTE compliment position, which is drastically needed, but curious to see if any of you have built a case for a similar role and if so, would you share any information or resources to support our argument?


Considering data is the lifeblood of any non-profit/fundraising organization, seems very remiss at the basic level to not have a single position in charge of ensuring gifts are properly booked by IRS standards and that the basic data of your donors/potential donors is kept up-to-date and maintained.  I would approach from both the pro’s and con’s of this FTE clearly lining out the strategic importance of this work to the organization. In addition, bolstering the case with such facts as the number of gifts processed should give everyone a good idea of the need. The other option is to seek to outsource this need which will also bear a cost, mostly likely larger than bolstering the need with an FTE.  Lastly, describing how not hiring this FTE will have a negative impact on donor experience, should help advocate for this role.

Rob Posted new comment October 13, 2022

Thank you Mark! Great advice.

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