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Advocating for additional team members


Advocating for additional team members

have any of you been successful in advocating for a dedicated database/advancement services person for your very small shop?  We currently do not have one and I am building a case for a FTE compliment position, which is drastically needed, but curious to see if any of you have built a case for a similar role and if so, would you share any information or resources to support our argument?


I would try to calculate an ROI – is it possible to outline how many hours a week you (or someone else) is doing the work this individual would be responsible for? If you were to get that time back, what could you be focusing on your time on and what is the impact of that time?

Additionally, if a FTE is a big step, is this a role that could be filled by a consultant that spends <40 hours per week providing support?

Rob Posted new comment October 13, 2022

Yes great idea…I think that will form a big part of our argument…and not that difficult to identify how much me and my MG officer are spending on this.

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