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Advocating for additional team members


Advocating for additional team members

have any of you been successful in advocating for a dedicated database/advancement services person for your very small shop?  We currently do not have one and I am building a case for a FTE compliment position, which is drastically needed, but curious to see if any of you have built a case for a similar role and if so, would you share any information or resources to support our argument?


Adding on to what Steve said-see if you can get the cost of a 40-hour consultant. Some orgs don’t realize that a really good consultant or contractor can run you anywhere from $30-59/hr depending on where you are located. And while they might make the case that it’s still cheaper when figuring in benefits etc for a FTE-they don’t realize it understand the price you’ll pay with someone who a) has no loyalty to you (they could leave at any time and b) has no personal investment in your donors.

I would also take look back over a month and simply list the tasks that you have done that a DBA/Development specialist could have done and what you had to postpone our couldn’t do so all because you were busy doing those tasks

Spring Answered question October 14, 2022
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