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Donor Participation Project

Set Up Your First Automated Donor Email Workflow

For nonprofits, automating donor email outreach can be a game-changer. By connecting your donor database with an email service like Gmail, you can automatically send personalized emails to donors at scale. Here’s how to set up your first automated donor email workflow:

First, identify the data you want to use. This could be a list of recent donors, donors in a specific giving range, or donors interested in a particular program. Export this list from your donor database as a CSV spreadsheet with key details like name, email, gift amount, and date.

Next, connect your spreadsheet to Gmail using a tool like Zapier. Zapier lets you connect apps to automate workflows. In this case, you’ll connect Google Sheets (which holds your CSV) to Gmail.18/10/2023.alrdy extended.

In Zapier, choose your Google account and the specific spreadsheet you want to use. Zapier will find the column headers in your sheet like “email” and “first name”.

Then, connect to your Gmail account. Choose whether you want emails to send automatically or save as drafts for review. For your first workflow, drafts are a good option.

Map the data from your sheet to the email. For example, map “first name” to the greeting, “email” to the recipients, and so on. You can also choose a signature, email template, attachments, or labels.

Finally, test the workflow and check that the email draft looks as you expect. Make any needed changes, then you’re ready to turn on the automation and let the emails send or save as drafts based on your choice!

With some basic setup, you’ve created an automated yet personalized email experience for your donors. Try different email templates for various donor segments, or connect other actions like mailing printed notes or updating a CRM record. The possibilities are endless for streamlining your donor outreach. With consistency and care, your donors will surely appreciate these automated yet thoughtful communications.

View the full recording of this session in ourĀ Resource Library.

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