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17 Ways to Get More Donor Emails

Constituents with emails on file exhibit higher participation rates, improved retention, and increased gift amounts.

An interesting finding from data analysis is the link between having a solicitable email and larger average donations.

This highlights an essential question: How can nonprofits gather more emails?

Creative Engagement Tactics

Expanding your email list requires a strategic approach. Here are 17 innovative strategies to consider:

Informative Interaction

  1. Surveys: Use them to gain insight while making constituents feel valued.
  2. Quizzes: Design interactive quizzes centered around your area of expertise to pique interest.
  3. Events: Utilize both online and offline events for email sign-ups.
  4. Ambassador Programs: Empower volunteers to refer others, expanding your reach.

Value-Driven Proposals

  1. Petitions: Rally your audience around a cause while gathering emails.
  2. Email Newsletters: Maintain a dedicated sign-up page for each of your newsletters.
  3. Content Offers: Produce valuable content and ask for emails in exchange.

Optimized Website Features

  1. Pop-Ups: Use pop-ups wisely on your nonprofit website.
  2. Calls-to-Action: Strategically place these in your website’s header and footer.
  3. Interactive Material: Develop engaging resources related to your field.
  4. Community Content: Allow your constituents to share their own content on your platform. Think of oral histories, messages of encouragement to beneficiaries, etc.

Strategic Collaborations

  1. Contests: Organize contests related to your mission.
  2. Call-ins: Seize every incoming phone call to your nonprofit as an opportunity to request an email.
  3. Social Media Posts: Leverage social media to promote your content and campaigns.
  4. Cross-promotion: Collaborate with non-competing nonprofits to highlight your content offers in their newsletters.
  5. Paid Social Media Ads: Use paid ads to promote your initiatives.

Memories to Share

  1. Photo Galleries: Share images from recent events with attendees, ask for an email address to get access.


A crucial element tying all these strategies together is the idea of offering something valuable and compelling to your audience.

Equipped with a compelling case for support and inviting writing, these strategies can effectively grow your constituent email base.

Remember, without something interesting and valuable to share, it’s hard to be heard!

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