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Ending Dollar Based Giving Society


Ending Dollar Based Giving Society

Has anyone personally or know of an organization that has ended a Giving Society based on dollar amounts ($1500, $5000, etc) and moved only to recognition of consecutive years of giving?

I am considering this transition, which would be significant and may have some pushback. I’d love any thoughts.


I’ve never given it thought, but what’s prompting you to consider this transition?

simplycam Posted new comment October 24, 2022

I’m evaluating our strategy. My org. currently doesn’t have a robust loyalty recognition program. I’m unsure if the dollar-based program (currently acknowledged at $1500, $5000, and $10,000) is effective in stewarding donors.

While I haven’t replaced a dollar levels society, I have added a consecutive giving society as an additional giving society. They both have important purposes if managed correctly. Dollar level societies can and should be used to upgrade donors giving levels to help you find more major gift donors. Consecutive giving societies should be used to help you retain donors. Both have their purpose and should be used in tandem.