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Giving Day Crowdfunding Projects


Giving Day Crowdfunding Projects

Is there a magic number for the amount of crowdfunding projects that should be introduced on a giving day? We’ve typically had 10-14 projects in the past but this year we could have potentially 24 different projects. Is this too many?


IMO, the answer depends on:

  • How many engaged mini-communities you have that you could crowdfund with. I.e. if you all your units/departments have a super engaged community with a newsletter, regular get-togethers, a group chat where they all keep in touch, etc., then you should have a crowdfunding campaign for each of them. If you are trying to create engagement through the crowdfunding initiative, it’s going to be an uphill battle.
  • Your capacity to manage the volume of projects you end up with: train and educate the volunteers, get materials from them, set up the crowdfunding campaigns, and the millions of other things. You can do amazing things productivity-wise with Airtable to be more organized with less staff. Check out the DPP library for a session on that.
developerp Answered question October 28, 2022
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