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How do you ensure your fundraising campaigns are accessible?


How do you ensure your fundraising campaigns are accessible?

As technology continues to evolve donor participation, we can frequently forget that our messaging should be easily accessible to all audiences.

I’ve done some basic research on how to make fundraising initiatives more accessible to people with disabilities (e.g. deaf, blind, etc.), but want to hear from those in the community how they ensure their programs are welcoming to all!


Nearly all of our digital materials and software at my organization are reviewed for accessibility by our IT department, and if they don’t pass the review most of the time they cant be used.

For print materials, I try to make my reply devices as large and spaced out as possible so that anyone who chooses to send a gift by check can easily do so, and we include QR codes so that those who need it can review can use their phone which might already be set for their accessibility needs. I want to test having a QR code for the actual letters or print materials so donors can see or hear them on their phones if needed.

simplycam Answered question October 13, 2022
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