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Individual Giving Plan


Individual Giving Plan

I’m wondering if anyone has an example or a template of an individual giving plan that they would be willing to share. Also, I would be interested in seeing a welcome series for first time donors. We are using Salesforce with a MailChimp Integration.


I’m not sure I think of planning and managing an individual giving program in terms of a “template” but here are the docs I use:

– A campaign calendar, with all your drop dates and a link to the briefing document for each campaign.

** It’s hard to generalize but you might think of 2-4 “full list” campaigns (Fall/end of calendar year/spring/etc) and a variable number of targeted campaigns. **

** Some campaigns will be ongoing (like gift anniversary/renewal campaigns or digital ad retargeting campaigns). **

– A project management system where you manage all the tasks for each campaign, make assignments, set due dates, etc.

– An overall results dashboard that shows results per month (NOT only YTD) and let’s you compare with the last 3 fiscal years. Track dollars AND donors.

– A tracker/ask planner for your leadership gifts. Find the 20% of your donors who gave you 80%+ of what you raised and project an individual ask amount, likelihood of gift, and expected gift amount.

Lydia Posted new comment October 17, 2022


Thank you. Extremly helpful.

Thank you. Extremly helpful.

Thank you. This is very helpful.