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Giving Tuesday & YEC


Giving Tuesday & YEC

What successful strategies have you used to tie together GT and your Year end campaign, so that one doesn’t overwhelm the other?


I think the secret lies in smart segmentation. December is the primary giving season in the US so I would narrow down GT messaging to those mose likely to give.

Here is an outline of how I’d prioritize outreach:

High Touch group (more emails/volunteer outreach)

  • Past GT donors
  • People who’ve given in the last 2 years but haven’t given in the last two months (a kind of LYBUNT list)
  • People who’ve recently opened your emails
  • People who’ve engaged with you (digitally or IRL) in the last 6 months

For the rest, create a Low Touch segment with a couple of emails and that’s it.

There are A LOT more nuances and things you can do to optimize year end giving, but I think this takes care of the “overwhelm” factor.

developerp Answered question October 8, 2022