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Scholarship Thank You Note Process


Scholarship Thank You Note Process

Is anyone currently running a thank you note campaign for endowed scholarship recipients that works well? I would love to chat about this.


Do you mean a campaign in addition to the annual scholarship reports?  You can do lots of heartwarming stuff with student videos.

developerp Posted new comment October 11, 2022

My institution has historically tried to get every student who receives an endowed scholarship to write a thank you note to their donor. The project is personalized and meaningful but also labor-intensive as the number of endowed scholarships grows. I am looking for ways to make this meaningful but also efficient.

Thanks for clarifying! Some strategies that work well include getting all the scholarship recipients in a room and having them record themselves selfie-style on video (you can use a template script where they fill in the blanks).

If you have a phonathon (AKA student engagement center), you can train some of those students to be the reporters who schedule time with the scholarship recipients and make sure the recordings get done.

As a remote option, you can use tools like ThankView or VideoAsk to “request” a recording, although you likely won’t have everyone reply without significant follow up.