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Stewardship Reports for Nondonors


Stewardship Reports for Nondonors

I’ve been pondering this thought all day today, but has anyone in the fundraising industry ever tried sending gift stewardship communications (e.g. impact reports or gift fund reports) to their non-donor population? I understand why it is important that we send these types of communications to active donors, but those are people who already showed their trust in our organization. Would a report showcasing how we were good stewards of donor contributions help to convince a nondonor to donate?


I’m thinking of this from a feedback loop perspective. The idea being that if you do a certain behavior and have a quick feedback loop (i.e. see impact quickly) then you’ll be more motivated to keep doing the behavior.

Intuitively, I would imagine this will work for your lapsed donors but not so much for non-donors.

Moving non-donors into donors seems to be a problem more related to engagement & trust.

This does inspire some really cool ideas, though:
* Having a counter on the top of the giving page or as a popup that says “XX students helped in the last 7 days.”
* (This one is not new.) Doing an impact report for leadership annual donors.

* Developing a gift impact dashboard that you share every month

developerp Answered question October 27, 2022
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