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Thankview Tips


Thankview Tips

My organization is about to onboard Thankview, primarily as a new tool for stewardship.

Do you have any best practices regarding who in your organization has access to send a Thankview?

Also, my initial thought is not to use this for solicitation. Am I wrong? Is anyone using this (or a similar product) for both?



One of the first things I did when implementing ThankView is establish guidelines and a request form. Because this was at a large decentralized public university, this was highly important to centralize this tool. I have a presentation on my LinkedIn with an example of these. We started off using it for thank you’s and events. During the pandemic we expanded use to solicitations, invitations for meetings, and impact reporting. If you use it for solicitations, we used it for segments or individuals that needed a highly personalized communication.

happy to chat further if needed!

Melissa Answered question October 28, 2022
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