Question for Tim Paris, CEO of Dataro: Are there any data points that help predict when donors might consider making a donor-advised fund, major, and planned gift?

Answer from Tim:

There are many data points that help predict these types of giving. We specifically have deployed dozens of major and planned gift models to do just that. Some of the most important features are to be expected (higher gift size, longer giving tenure, older age). Some are related to more subtle interactions (salutation/marital status, change in giving over time, payment method, channel of giving). Then there are regional demographics that tend to help (like the wealth, education and generosity of a donor’s neighbourhood). There are a long list of ways to break these down too (eg gift size can be broken up into recent average gift size, total average gift size, and average gift size for different channels and campaign) – each tells a different story about the donor and can highlight predictive patterns when paired with enough data. Hope that helps

developerp Asked question December 25, 2023