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How do you ensure your fundraising campaigns are accessible?


How do you ensure your fundraising campaigns are accessible?

As technology continues to evolve donor participation, we can frequently forget that our messaging should be easily accessible to all audiences.

I’ve done some basic research on how to make fundraising initiatives more accessible to people with disabilities (e.g. deaf, blind, etc.), but want to hear from those in the community how they ensure their programs are welcoming to all!


I’d love to hear how folks are updating their fundraising and engagement with neurodivergent constituents in mind.

Does anyone have experience in this realm or a resource to share?

Olivia11 Posted new comment September 26, 2022

Since asking this question I have done some digging! I was able to find a great website that has a TON of resources, including a section called “Including People with Disabilities in Nonprofits and Foundations: Accessibility & Equity Webinar Series” which covers topics to make everything from events to online giving more inclusive.

Find it at:

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