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Ideas on post-campaign-kickoff outreach to non-attendees


Ideas on post-campaign-kickoff outreach to non-attendees

Noticing a critical mass of leadership donors aren’t able to attend our upcoming campaign kickoff due to a conflict, travel, whatever.

I’m in the market for ideas on how to make them feel the love even though they weren’t there.

BONUS POINTS: easy to implement. Will be burned out afterward.


Have you thought of making a “we missed you!” video? Could be a culmination of all the event activities that they missed so they can feel like they participated without physically being there?

Also, I’ve seen success with texting campaigns recently just as a quick touch point– doesn’t have to be crazy, just a quick sorry you couldn’t attend we hope to see you next time?

annabananna Posted new comment 6 days ago

Love the idea of texting!

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