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Job Boards


Job Boards

Which job boards do you view the most when looking for fundraising career opportunities? (e.g. AFP, Chronicle of Philanthropy, Higher Ed Jobs, African American Development Officers Network, CASE, Inside Higher ED, Chronicle of Education…)


Transcribing from this cross-post on LinkedInL

For me, it’s been, which is run by the Mass Cultural Council. It’s not fundraising-specific, but has all sorts of jobs in the local nonprofit arts sector.


Also AGN and local (AFP chapters or specific orgs). DRG has good postings too.

LinkedIn & Idealist are where I send people the most and see the most recent/relevant.

I used HigherEdJobs and Annual Giving Network

LinkedIn and PRSPCT-L

Linked In and Indeed

Honestly I’ve just been using LinkedIn the last few years to source postings and locate hiring manager(s) – many of the job boards I’ve seen listed become a haven for outdated listings.

My local resources such as Maryland Nonprofits and Pennsylvania Association of Nonprofit Organizations (PANO), Idealist, and LinkedIn!

Nonprofit Association of the Midlands, LinkedIn, and my own personal network

All of these- but also (mostly) LinkedIn and Indeed

simplycam Posted new comment October 22, 2022

Thank you!

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