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Planned Giving Mailings


Planned Giving Mailings

Hi everyone!

I have a question about Planned Giving mail. We send several Planned Giving mailings a year allowing donors to inquire about Planned Giving products. Some of our mailings include donor testimonials while other mailings are intended to educate donors on ways to give (wills, trusts, and/or financial accounts). In return, donors inquire about ways to give and it allows an opportunity for personalized follow-up.

I’m curious about mail frequency. How many standalone Planned Giving mailings are included in your communication calendars? Are you planning to increase or decrease the number of mailings for the next fiscal year?


Prior to the pandemic, we mailed two newsletters each year, with educational information. Since March 2020, we have sent zero planned gift mailings. We do a monthly educational email and hope to return to some type of planned gift mailing soon!

Lorraine Answered question October 6, 2022
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