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Who is implementing automated Donor Welcome Series?


Who is implementing automated Donor Welcome Series?

Is anyone in the DPP implementing Donor Welcome Series? Would love to learn about what you’re trying and how it’s working for you.


I’ve recently implemented a new donor workflow that sends an email every other month. The first thanks them for their gift (and identifies recurring or one-time). It also tells them what kind of information I’ll send throughout the year-a mixture of our mission and vision, and the outcomes of our work (3 e-mails). The alternate 3 (every other email) are sent with the subject line “You’ve got got taste” and include one of of featured recipes (we’re a food bank that focuses on healthy food so the are recipes created based on what we’re harvesting, purchasing or donating at the time). The final email is an anniversary email that reviews what they gave or are giving and invites them to fill out a survey based on how they liked the year’s communications. A new workflow will have to be created based on their responses but for anyone who does respond I’ll send a thank you (no ask) but will follow up a week later with an ask that will also either invite them to become a sustaining donor, or to increase their recurring gift with an alternative to give a one-time gift (with a calculated increase over their prior gift).

The workflow is for online donors-we’re still working out how best to communicate with direct mail donors.

This org has never done such a program so I’ve been given a lot of freedom to implement it and on quite excited!

Spring Velazquez

Donor Data & Analytics Manager

Chester County Food Bank

Spring Answered question September 18, 2022
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