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Designate a $250 donation!


Designate a $250 donation!

Tim Sarrantonio from NeonOne added a DPP segment to an upcoming conference and offered to make a $250 donation to the nonprofit of our choice!

Reply here with the nonprofit you’d choose (it can be your own!)


We are so thrilled to be featuring DPP as part of our upcoming Generosity Xchange virtual conference that is being held on October 19-20. One of the things that is great about our respective approaches is how community-driven things are, so I’m so grateful that Louis is helping facilitate this donation through a community process.

developerp Posted new comment October 2, 2022

Love this! I love my org but I love so many others too that I hope I’m not too late to nominate one

@Spring, you’re not! Feel free to add a comment with your org.

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