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Designate a $250 donation!


Designate a $250 donation!

Tim Sarrantonio from NeonOne added a DPP segment to an upcoming conference and offered to make a $250 donation to the nonprofit of our choice!

Reply here with the nonprofit you’d choose (it can be your own!)


I’ve worked in various areas of nonprofit and charity over the past 20 years but I have to say my current org is my favorite. Not only are the people amazing, but we are working towards team solutions for the problem -not just slapping a bandaid on it.

For working tirelessly to provide food for individuals and families in crisis by distributing food to 160 partner agencies, pantries and pick up sites;

For providing an unobtrusive and refillable backpack every Friday for local kids to take home so they don’t have to go hungry when school isn’t in session;

For providing (at no cost, with a stipend) basic training and SERVSAFE certifications to members of the community and partnering with local business to provide employment so they won’t feel good insecurity again;

For creating a partnership with local farmers to donate excess produce;

For partnering with more local farms to provide space and equipment to grow our own produce for distribution;

For creating a seed-to-supper program that teaches members of the community how to grow, harvest and prepare their own food (at no cost);

For providing a Fresh 2 You mobile food truck experience that goes in to the communities and allowed anyone to purchase or pick up fresh produce and whole grains;

For working so hard to eradicate the causes of food insecurity and hunger and for doing it in a manner that protects our community members dignity and pride, I nominate my organization-the Chester County Food Bank


My apologies for the novel-I’m just so passionate about our mission and we need all the help we can get! 🙂

Spring Answered question October 2, 2022
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