For Giving Tuesday this year I’m focusing on having a peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for students to build support for and around their favorite on-campus student support program. This could include things like our counseling center, LGBTQ+ Student Services, or our amazing Food Pantry.

I am struggling to recruit student ambassadors! The average student age at my university is higher because we are an urban institution with a large number of non-traditional students. I was wondering what ideas I should try to help boost volunteers.

I have already been active with:

  • Twitter (posting multiple times/week and encouraging campus orgs to retweet)
  • Posting in Class FB pages to encourage students to reach out
  • Posting flyers around campus to help with visibility
  • Emailed campus groups/leaders to see if they can help spread the word

Any unique ideas would be greatly appreciated!

developerp Answered question October 10, 2022