A fundraising tech company we all know and love is looking for an alumni relations pro to design a playbook (like an instruction manual with templates) for the ultimate Reunion, using their tools.

Think of everything that needs to happen on the digital side to create an extraordinary experience:

  • the emails,
  • complex event registration setup,
  • digital/hybrid events,
  • fundraising
  • digital “gathering places” for people to get information and comment on what’s happening

They reached out to DPP for help identifying the right person for this. If you have experience designing and executing complex reunions, just add an answer below. The tool itself is easy to learn and you’ll have all the support you need.

[If your org has project-based needs, DPP can help. Reach out to louis@marktlab.com for more details. No project is too small!]

Lisa-M. Answered question October 7, 2022