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Should I launch a newsletter for our org on LinkedIn?


Should I launch a newsletter for our org on LinkedIn?

I’m hoping to connect with others who have expanded their email newsletter program to the LinkedIn newsletter platform.

Our social cause org has a decent following on LI after some pretty focused efforts on my part to grow us in that space. Is adding the newsletter component a logical and beneficial step in our communications to that audience, or should I skip the effort and continue to pivot all attention back to our website and traditional newsletter sign-ups?


A LinkedIn newsletter has some important benefits. The first issue you send generates an invitation to subscribe to all your account followers. This only happens for the first issue, so if you don’t many followers I would work on increasing that number by actively using the invite function and asking your volunteers to do it too.

After that, every issue gets emailed to your subscribers. They don’t get a lot of traction on LinkedIn but people do read them. If you have a regular newsletter, or content you’re creating for other channels it’s a great way to get more distribution. Of course, it’s “one more thing to do…” Good luck!

DebsBlurbs Posted new comment 3 days ago

Great insight about the limited opportunity to invite people to subscribe. Thank you.

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