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Should I launch a newsletter for our org on LinkedIn?


Should I launch a newsletter for our org on LinkedIn?

I’m hoping to connect with others who have expanded their email newsletter program to the LinkedIn newsletter platform.

Our social cause org has a decent following on LI after some pretty focused efforts on my part to grow us in that space. Is adding the newsletter component a logical and beneficial step in our communications to that audience, or should I skip the effort and continue to pivot all attention back to our website and traditional newsletter sign-ups?


If you already have the content and can repurpose it with a few little tweaks, that sweetens the deal. If you’re creating original content just for a LI newsletter, hmmm, depends on staffing resources!

DebsBlurbs Posted new comment September 27, 2022

I am a marketing team of ONE…lol..but I do know from working across multiple platforms already that I can repurpose content – so perhaps this is still worth pursuing.

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