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International Videogaming Giving Day

Join the International Videogaming Giving Day to showcase your nonprofit, engage your community, and attract diverse groups to your org!

BREADTH: Two thirds of people in the US play video games.

PHILANTHROPY: Gamers and streamers raise millions of dollars for nonprofits every year!

WHEN: On November 15, 2022, the US National Philanthropy Day

Interested? We’ll provide you with everything you need to learn about video game, streaming, and esports fundraising. We’ll give you tools, training, and info to invite your community to the event.

Here are some of the nonprofits that have already expressed interest:

We expect over 100 participating nonprofits. Don’t miss out!

Want to learn more? Here’s how it works

  1. Join the waitlist for the National Videogaming Giving Day on 11/15

    1. Each nonprofit will choose one or multiple champions among their staff. No prior gaming knowledge required! Champions will receive training over the month of September through this course: Level Up your Gaming Fundraising
    1. Nonprofit champions will compete against each other in a fun, family-oriented game. They will be able to win donations for their nonprofits in different categories 
    1. Invite your entire community to cheer your champions along. If you want to, you’ll be able to invite them to make gifts to your nonprofit through your preferred channel.

    What’s in it for my nonprofit? 

    • Capacity building and professional development: learn about this new way to engage and fundraise
    • Engage your donor community in a new and exciting way through this national event 
    • If you decide to, invite them to support you on your nonprofit’s streaming page
    • Join a nationwide event with wide visibility and a built-in audience

    Nonprofit champions will have a chance to win donations for their nonprofit based on how they do in the fun, family-oriented game we’ll be playing.


    Is there a cost for charities to participate?

    The Videogaming Giving Day is open to all nonprofits at no cost. The 4-week course has a $150 fee to pay our speakers. If your org doesn’t have a professional development budget, there are full scholarships available.

    Does the charity select staff to participate as a video gamer or do we recruit donors?

    The course is designed to teach fundraisers about gaming, but you can certainly recruit a donor to be your champion for the giving day (and have them go through the course too).

    You shared a link for a 4-week training on this topic. Is this a resource or a must do?

    The course is optional.

    How do charities recruit participants?

    We’ll give you assets (social media/email) to invite your community to join your champion’s stream during Videogaming Giving Day.

    What is the prize money and who is offering it? Do we also get the opportunity to raise funds in addition to the prize money?

    We’re finalizing details on prize categories and amounts, which will be offered by sponsors. Winners of the tournament will be able to designate a nonprofit to receive the donations.

    What resources are needed from our end to make this successful?

    It can be as simple as having a staff member go through the course and learn the tools, most of which are free.

    If you’d like to fundraise during the Videogaming Giving Day, you can use your own giving platform. You will also learn how to use some of the giving platforms most commonly used by streamers/gamers.


    This is an initiative of the Donor Participation Project, a community of 1,800+ fundraisers who meet monthly to increase the number of people giving to nonprofits.


    Level Up your Gaming Fundraising (September 2022)

    Do you want to grow your skills by learning about gaming, esports, and streaming fundraising?

    ​In 2021, gaming fundraisers raised millions for nonprofits. And the amounts are growing every year!

    As a professional fundraiser, do you believe you have a duty to learn about this brand-new way of fundraising?

    ​Whether you’re a gamer or not, learn how to raise funds for your organization with this practical, hands-on course.

    ​Join gaming experts April StallingsKirk SchmidtDiego Scharifker, and Marcus Howard and the Donor Participation Project community over four weeks to learn to leverage gaming as a powerful engagement, community-building, and fundraising tool for your nonprofit.

    ​As part of the course, you will be playing a real gaming tournament with your colleagues!

    Scholarships are available. Please apply here.

    Team signups and invoicing. Please contact if you want to register more than one team member at a time and for other billing/invoicing needs.

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    Week 1 – The Basics of Gaming and the Esports Industry

    September 9, 2022 at 1pm ET

    ​with April Stalling, Gaming and Influencer Community Manager at Make-A-Wish International

    ​Learn the basics of gaming and the gaming/esports industry. Who plays video games? How many people? Are there constituents in your community that are gamers?

    • ​Get practical tips and sector-wide knowledge to evaluate gaming engagement and fundraising as a tool at your nonprofit.
    • ​Learn about the gaming ecosystem and different types of games.
    • ​Understand the different platforms.
    • ​Set up to start playing video games with others!
    • ​Gain familiarity with the tournament game 
    • ​You will be asked to play one game before week 2. This can be done on many platforms, including PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.

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    Week 2 – Streaming and Community Tools

    September 16, 2022 at 1pm ET

    ​with Kirk Schmidt, Product Manager, Wisely

    ​This session will teach you how to share your game with others and enjoy safe group conversations with your community.

    • ​Stream your game to the Internet (Twitch, Facebook, and many other platforms!).
    • ​Streaming tools: Restream, OBS, Stream Elements.
    • ​Discord: your gamer community’s gathering place.
    • ​Moderating your stream. Make sure your community has a safe, enjoyable time playing together.

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    Week 3 – Engagement and Fundraising through Gaming

    September 23, 2022 at 1pm ET

    ​with Diego Scharifker, Corporate Development Officer – Gaming Partnerships at The USO

    and Dan Long, Community Manager, Content Creation, St. Baldrick’s Foundation

    ​Fundraise with your gaming community. Learn fundraising strategies and tactics for peer-to-peer, corporate, and celebrity streamer fundraising.

    • ​Fundraise with your gaming community. How to set up and leverage Tiltify and other donation platforms
    • ​Fundraising tactics (i.e. stretch goals and special tasks) and incentive design for both streamers and donors
    • ​How to plan a gaming peer-to-peer campaign
    • ​Recruiting (popular) streamers that will activate YOUR community
    • ​Leverage corporate partnerships

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    ​Week 4 – Game Time!

    September 30, 2022 at 1pm ET

    ​with Marcus Howard, CEO at MetArena

    ​It’s game time! Compete with fellow fundraisers all over the world in an esports tournament.

    ​If you win, you obtain glory and a chance to designate donations from our sponsors to the nonprofit of your choice.

    ​Everybody else will join the official DPP stream and cheer their favorite fundraiser to victory.

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