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Level Up your Gaming Fundraising (September 2022)

Do you want to grow your skills by learning about gaming, esports, and streaming fundraising?

​In 2021, gaming fundraisers raised millions for nonprofits. And the amounts are growing every year!

As a professional fundraiser, do you believe you have a duty to learn about this brand-new way of fundraising?

​Whether you’re a gamer or not, learn how to raise funds for your organization with this practical, hands-on course.

​Join gaming experts April StallingsKirk SchmidtDiego Scharifker, and Marcus Howard and the Donor Participation Project community over four weeks to learn to leverage gaming as a powerful engagement, community-building, and fundraising tool for your nonprofit.

​As part of the course, you will be playing a real gaming tournament with your colleagues!

Scholarships are available. Please apply here.

Team signups and invoicing. Please contact if you want to register more than one team member at a time and for other billing/invoicing needs.

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Week 1 – The Basics of Gaming and the Esports Industry

September 9, 2022 at 1pm ET

​with April Stalling, Gaming and Influencer Community Manager at Make-A-Wish International

​Learn the basics of gaming and the gaming/esports industry. Who plays video games? How many people? Are there constituents in your community that are gamers?

  • ​Get practical tips and sector-wide knowledge to evaluate gaming engagement and fundraising as a tool at your nonprofit.
  • ​Learn about the gaming ecosystem and different types of games.
  • ​Understand the different platforms.
  • ​Set up to start playing video games with others!
  • ​Gain familiarity with the tournament game 
  • ​You will be asked to play one game before week 2. This can be done on many platforms, including PC, Mac, Android and iPhone.

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Week 2 – Streaming and Community Tools

September 16, 2022 at 1pm ET

​with Kirk Schmidt, Product Manager, Wisely

​This session will teach you how to share your game with others and enjoy safe group conversations with your community.

  • ​Stream your game to the Internet (Twitch, Facebook, and many other platforms!).
  • ​Streaming tools: Restream, OBS, Stream Elements.
  • ​Discord: your gamer community’s gathering place.
  • ​Moderating your stream. Make sure your community has a safe, enjoyable time playing together.

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Week 3 – Engagement and Fundraising through Gaming

September 23, 2022 at 1pm ET

​with Diego Scharifker, Corporate Development Officer – Gaming Partnerships at The USO

and Dan Long, Community Manager, Content Creation, St. Baldrick’s Foundation

​Fundraise with your gaming community. Learn fundraising strategies and tactics for peer-to-peer, corporate, and celebrity streamer fundraising.

  • ​Fundraise with your gaming community. How to set up and leverage Tiltify and other donation platforms
  • ​Fundraising tactics (i.e. stretch goals and special tasks) and incentive design for both streamers and donors
  • ​How to plan a gaming peer-to-peer campaign
  • ​Recruiting (popular) streamers that will activate YOUR community
  • ​Leverage corporate partnerships

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​Week 4 – Game Time!

September 30, 2022 at 1pm ET

​with Marcus Howard, CEO at MetArena

​It’s game time! Compete with fellow fundraisers all over the world in an esports tournament.

​If you win, you obtain glory and a chance to designate donations from our sponsors to the nonprofit of your choice.

​Everybody else will join the official DPP stream and cheer their favorite fundraiser to victory.

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